In order to connect and cooperate in training related to human resources development needs, the plan is to establish programs and educate high-quality human resources in Aviation Engineering at American University in Vietnam - AUV. On September 6th, 2022, at the American University in Vietnam, the Memorandum of Understanding signing ceremony between the American University in Vietnam and Vietnam Flight Management Corporation (VATM) was successfully held.



Accordingly, the two sides enhance mutual understanding and ensure that there is always a training course organized by AUV with the coordination of aviation businesses to promptly provide them with fully trained human resources.



After a period of research and discussion, a strategic turning point has been reached, officially comprehensive cooperation with a number of main contents:

On the basis of the development strategy of Vietnam's aviation industry, Vietnam Air Traffic Management Corporation connects, discusses and shares with The American University in Vietnam information related to human resources development needs, training program plans, human resource training, especially high-quality human resources of the aviation industry such as flight managers, air traffic controllers, flight dispatcher, flight commander, navigator, HK news officer, HK meteorologist and senior administrator... VATM will ensure that the information is updated quarterly and annually.

VATM creates the most favorable conditions for AUV to connect with member companies of the flight management industry, ... to research and cooperate in training control forces, air traffic officers, aviation technical staff, aviation news announcement staff, aviation meteorology staff and senior managers… according to actual needs.

AUV and VATM cooperate on organizing advanced and specialized English classes for officials who are currently working in Vietnam's aviation industry. Particularly for the children of officials in the aviation industry, AUV jointly organizes training programs at all levels based on real needs, holds educational tours to the US, as well as provides other training specialties suitable for learning conditions and needs such as Information Technology, Business Administration, Multimedia Communication…

AUV supports the organization of educational tours and field visits for VATM members at prestigious US aviation training universities that are in tandem with AUV.

VATM strengthens advertisements and communication for AUV in VATM's magazine and website.

Both sides will actively propose training programs on specific cooperation contents after this meeting so that the two sides can sign the annual cooperation contract and implement it.



This bilateral and comprehensive cooperation signing event continues to be a memorable milestone of The American University in Vietnam and affirms its reputation as one of the most prestigious universities in Vietnam that has the basic capacity to provide an international standard educational and training environment for students studying in Vietnam.


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