In the 26 years since Vietnam and the United States first established diplomatic relations, the two countries have built a sturdy and reliable partnership in politics, economics, and most importantly, education. With a mission to provide the highest quality American education in Vietnam, the American University in Vietnam (AUV) has played an important role in this relationship and has consistently reaffirmed its commitment to both Vietnam and Southeast Asia.

Dr. Binh Thy Nguyen Tran at the signing ceremony for the agreement to recognize and transfer credits to prestigious universities around the world.

Strategic Partnership with Prestigious US Universities


Registered since 1999, AUV is the first American university in Vietnam. It is an important member of the APU Educational Development Group, established by experienced education experts and professionals. APU Educational Development Group has been connecting with prestigious American education programs for more than 30 years. It offers a multi-level learning experience from preschool to university degrees, with the first campus - APU International School - opening in Ho Chi Minh City in 2004 and the second campus - APU American International School – opening in Da Nang City in 2015.


AUV is located in Danang - the fastest growing city in Central Vietnam. With an investment of 150 million USD, AUV has created a 30-hectare campus of natural space that provides a comfortable yet academically challenging environment. Designed to meet the needs of every student and teacher, the university is equipped with facilities such as an international-standardized library, well-equipped computer lab, and smart classrooms.


In addition to its green campus and state-of-the-art facilities, AUV offers a range of rigorous, high-quality undergraduate programs taught by qualified instructors from prestigious universities around the world. These include business administration, global business management, accounting, finance, communication & media, information technology, hospitality and tourism management, health sciences, nursing, and an engineering program that features aviation for students who dream of flying. Students are offered educational road maps and study plans that meet their specific needs and interests, allowing them to transfer to universities in the US seamlessly. Through its pioneering Distance Learning Program, AUV students can attend classes at affiliated universities in the US and around the world without leaving campus. Some of these institutions include Arizona State University, Florida Institute of Technology, Virginia Commonwealth University, Wentworth University, and the University of Missouri-Kansas City. This program provides students with the most modern distance learning equipment and allows students to earn mutually recognized credits from these universities right at the AUV campus.

AUV joined the third term congress of Vietnam Aviation Business Association – VABA


The Place for Training High-Quality Human Resources for Global Business Administration, the Aviation Industry, including Vietnam Airlines Corporation, and other Key Domestic and Global Sectors


AUV and APU Group are the first ed ucational institutions in Vietnam to contribute to the development and training of domestic and international aviation professionals. Since 2005, in collaboration with leading partners in the industry and prestigious universities in America, APU Group has successfully trained many students from Vietnam Airlines Corporation in engineering and aviation maintenance management programs. Many of these students currently hold important positions at leading aviation companies in Vietnam and globally.


Building on the many years of successful aviation training by APU Group, AUV's aviation training programs are now collaborating with leading universities such as the Florida Institute of Technology, Arizona State University, and Central Washington University, as well as industry leaders like Boeing.


Recently, AUV was honored to announce the signing of a Strategic Agreement with the Vietnam Aviation Business Association (VABA) that will launch a comprehensive collaboration to organize and promote aviation training programs in Vietnam.

With a diverse selection of study programs which are flexibly designed, and partnerships with prestigious universities worldwide like Arizona State University, Florida Institute of Technology, Virginia Commonwealth University, Wentworth University, University of Missouri Kansas City, University of Texas A&M, and California State University, AUV students can easily access advanced, high-quality international education in Vietnam thanks to AUV's efforts.


The Bridge Between the United States and Vietnam Educational Cooperation


APU International Education Development Corporation has been successful in developing young talent by providing high-quality education for nearly 30 years. Annually, 90% of APU seniors are awarded a total of $20 million USD in scholarships from highly-ranked universities in the US and worldwide. Many APU graduates have gone on to complete advanced degrees at prestigious universities around the world and hold important positions in some of the world’s most best known and most respected corporations, research centers, hospitals, and institutions of higher learning.


At a time when the Vietnamese economy is integrating with the world’s, acquiring knowledge through American-standard educational programs carries many advantages for Vietnamese students. With its experience and vision, the American University in Vietnam has made significant progress toward its goal of developing global citizens while also contributing to the education of those who will help ensure Vietnam’s future is bright.