Over 900.000 USD Scholarships Has Been Rewarded For Can Tho Students From AUV


Most recently, The American University in Vietnam - AUV had attended the meeting with the government leaders of Can Tho City to present 41 merit scholarships to brilliant high school students. These include a full-time scholarship valued at 60,000 USD, 10 scholarships of 50% ( worth up to 30,000 USD/each) and 30 scholarships of 30% (valued at 18,000 USD each). Students who have received scholarships will take 2 years at AUV and transfer to American Universities in the next 2 years to complete their degree.

Through this activity, AUV hopes to nurture the talents of young Vietnamese generations and grant them the opportunity to access an American standard education which is a solid foundation for them to become good leaders in the future.

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