Working With TH School To Provide Better Access To American Higher Education


The American University in Vietnam was happy to welcome TH School from Ha Noi this morning for a meeting about opportunities and admission requirements for TH graduates to pursue higher education at AUV. Faculty and administration welcomed Dr. Duong Man Cuong, Head of Northern Vietnam Representative Office, Mr. Pete Kennedy, Superintendent, Ms. Nga Thanh Pham, Director of Admission and Marketing, and Mrs. Michelle Lockwook, University counselor from TH School.

After an introduction of AUV’s curricula structure and an introduction to the university delivered by Dr. John Behzad, VP for Academic Affairs and Dean of the Business School, representatives from The TH School explained the history and vision of their school with big plans to continue the development following the success of their third year in operation. As the school mirrored a similar vision to that of AUV Chancellor Dr. Binh Thy Nguyen Tran, the pathway for students from TH School to AUV seemed natural. Both envision higher education opportunities for all hard working and talented children regardless of economic restraints. TH school’s founder, Madam Thai Huong, recognized a lack in education and wanted to provide opportunities for children in Vietnam similar to that of Dr. Binh Tran and her vision for APU American International School.

Superintendent Mr. Kennedy explained that “over 90% of their students are on scholarships,” including their entire 12th-grade class. He further explained that scholarships for their tuition-based school is “Life changing for the children and the trajectory of the family. If we don’t provide them the access to quality education, it won’t happen.”

As the TH School prepares their graduates for the future, they’re looking for the best universities to continue life-long student learning. AUV is high on their list. Mr. Kennedy says that “with access to universities like AUV who in turn have access to universities around the world, we can provide opportunities that are life-changing to our students.”

The access to global education that TH School seeks for its graduates is an attractive asset of AUV. Adding to already existing programs and partnerships with the University of Kansas City Missouri and others, the university is preparing for the launch of innovative programs in the upcoming year with partners at Arizona State University (ASU) and Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU). Programs in Mass Communication, Computer Science, Health Sciences, and Aviation are set to attract a wealth of students both domestically and internationally, and AUV looks forward to welcoming applicants from around the globe.

Back row: Mrs. Rose Hedberg, Associate Director of Media Communications, AUV; Mr. Tre Tran, Project Consultant, AUV; Mr. Bing Lee, Director of Human Resources, AUV; Dr. Duong Manh Cuong, Representative for Northern Vietnam’s APU Branch, AUV; Mrs. Michelle Lockwook, University Counselor, TH School; Ms. Nga Thanh Pham, Director of Admission and Marketing, TH School; Ms. Rene Leen, University Services Coordinator, AUV.     

Front row: Mr. Pete Kennedy, Superintendent, TH School; Dr. Binh Tran, Chancellor and Chair of the Board of Governors, AUV.

The TH school is up for the challenge and boasts a cohort of top-level graduates from their school looking for the chance at American higher education. With the talent and skills needed for success at AUV, TH School met with AUV to discuss opportunities for scholarships.

As higher education should be accessible to students of all backgrounds, AUV and Dr. Binh Tran are pleased to work with the TH School in signing an MOU for admission collaboration with AUV. With the hopes of bettering student lives, the University will offer a total of 13 scholarships ranging from 50% to 100% tuition to exceptional graduates who meet the academic standards and admission requirements of AUV.

AUV looks forward to reviewing 2019-2020 applications and awarding scholarships for students of the TH School to pursue their dreams of American higher education.