The American University In Vietnam Opening Ceremony 2017-2018


A cozy ceremony full of joy and smiles is such a great way to kick start an exciting yet challenging school year for all students.

On September 04, AUV officially started its Fall 2017-2018 semester. In this opening ceremony, we welcomed new & current students, professors, parents and even alumni. “I was ready for a formal ceremony, but the atmosphere turns out to be so warm and lovely. I feel so welcomed and thus, excited about starting university here,” a student shared.

Dr Roy Nirschel, Dr John Behzad and Dr Binh Tran, spent time to talk to the students, listened to their concerns when entering Univeristy and explained structure of courses. Some new students came in very worried, but later feeling relief and secure about their new journey at the AUV and looking forward to a bright future ahead.

This year, by adding new highly-qualified professors from the United States, AUV has reinforced its already star-studded academic panel. The University is now the house of many lecturers who hold PhD and other higher education degrees in various fields such as Science, Mathematics, Creative Writing, etc. This means that AUV will be providing more quality courses in different programs to serve the desire to learn.

The olds meet the news, the insecurities meet solid facts, the questions meet the answers; such a good sign for a promising semester ahead!

AUV is more than ready. Let’s make all the dreams happen!