Arizona State University And The American University In Vietnam Launch ASUV Strategic Partnership


ASUV Strategic Partnership

22/06/2018, Tempe, Arizona / Danang, Vietnam – The Chancellor and Chair of the Board of Governors of The American University in Vietnam (AUV), Dr. Binh Tran and Dr. Stefanie Lindquist, Deputy Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs at Arizona State University (ASU) have signed the general collaboration agreement on June 22, 2018, establishing the partnership between the two universities.  AUV and ASU are committed to a strategic partnership and alliance “ASUV” with a shared vision to create access for Vietnamese students to pursue an American academic program without selectivity based on socio-economic status. We seek to serve the APEC region by developing attractive academic programs for students to study in Vietnam at AUV and with pathways to ASU in the U.S.

The partnership will include fully articulated ASU degree pathway programs in key strategic areas to complement the economic development needs of Vietnam including Engineering with an emphasis on software engineering, aviation and flight training, sustainable tourism, and international business. Accelerated Master’s Degree programs will also be available to AUV students.

Through the partnership, students will also have access to ASU’s Open Scale Program, allowing them to earn ASU credit and admission to ASU degree programs.  The partnership will also develop collaborative centers of excellence such as Asian Studies, Environmental Sustainability, international studies, APCA Aviation Development and others.

Back row: Mr. Jeffrey Goss, Associative Vice Provost, ASU; Dr. Kathy Wigil, Associate Director of Curricular Innovation, ASU; Dr. John Behzad, VP for Academic Affairs, AUV; Dr. Siben Dasgupta, Professor of Engineering, AUV; Mr. Nick, Representative for Aviation, AUV. Front row: Dr. Stefanie Lindquist, Deputy Provost and VP for Academic Affairs, ASU; Dr. Binh Tran, Chancellor and Chair of the Board of Governors.

ASUV is designed to follow an international model and thus merges the advantages of both universities in its mission, curriculum, teaching and educational resources. The goal of the ASUV partnership is to provide students a world-class education with access and connection to a mirrored platform of learning assets.

Students joining the ASUV programs will experience a unique academic perspective that combines research with education, professionalism with academics, and American culture with global experiences.  All courses in ASUV programs will be instructed in English by professors with terminal degrees from universities in the U.S. The program design and curriculum encourage active learning, creative thinking, analytical reasoning, teamwork, and leadership. The AUV is dedicated to training competitive global citizens and talents who can adapt to and thrive in the new era of globalization. The ASUV partnership will offer opportunities for Vietnamese students to obtain an American university education at a reasonable cost. The partnership will similarly extend programs overseas for ASU students to gain a diverse and engaging global education.

About American University in Vietnam:

AUV is the first American-style private non-profit university in Vietnam.  The university was licensed by the Vietnam Ministry of Education and Training in 2015, and is operated and funded by U.S. Higher Education educators and leaders.  AUV is a distinctive university providing liberal arts education, superb instruction, advanced career options, and direct placement for graduate studies in the USA.

AUV’s curriculum is entirely based on the American model of university education. Before majoring in any specialized area of interest, students must first demonstrate proficiency in English communication and basic skills, and then strengthen their critical thinking and analytical skills through an integrated, comprehensive study of natural sciences, humanities and arts, math and statistics, and social sciences to be followed by a terminal capstone experience.  Students have unique opportunities to experience transnational university life in Vietnam and in the U.S. Students can complete their studies in their preferred field of specialty through 2+2, 1+3 or 3+1 programs for undergraduate degrees and 2+3, 2+4, 4+1 or 4+2 for Master’s degrees from select partner universities in the U.S.

AUV is positioned to provide ASU an open higher-education platform to support education partnership initiatives. As a private university, AUV provides an agile and innovative culture to create opportunities for both ASU students to study at AUV and provide pathways for AUV students to ASU academic degree programs both on campus at AUV and pathways to ASU’s campuses across the Phoenix Metropolitan area.

About Arizona State University

ASU is a comprehensive public research university, measured not by whom we exclude, but rather by whom we include and how they succeed; advancing research and discovery of public value; and assuming fundamental responsibility for the economic, social, cultural and overall health of the communities it serves.

More than a decade ago, ASU set forth a new and ambitious trajectory to become a comprehensive knowledge enterprise dedicated to the simultaneous pursuit of excellence, broad access to quality education, and meaningful societal impact. From that point forward and founded on a vision for a new “gold standard” all of its energy, creativity, and manpower have been brought to bear on the design of a uniquely adaptive and transdisciplinary university committed to producing master learners.

ASU believes that learning is for everyone, which is why it has evolved a student-centric model that supports innovation, agility, change and collaboration to meet the needs of our learners.  ASU’s success is measured by how its graduates thrive and their ability to tackle the world’s most complex challenges. Under ASU President Michael Crow’s leadership, ASU has undergone profound institutional transformation and is continually developing a challenging mission. With more than 100,000 students, ASU has instituted a progressive plan that advances access to higher education while establishing itself as among the finest research universities.