ANNOUNCEMENT – Regarding The Curriculum Of Bachelor’s Degree In Aeronautical Engineering


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Da Nang, October 25, 2017



Based on the Resolution dated March 2017 by the Board of Trustees of the American University in Vietnam (AUV) on starting the Project on training of Bachelor’s degree in Aeronautical Engineering;

Based on Decision No. 305/QD-AUV dated October 24, 2017 by the Rector of the American University in Vietnam (AUV) on promulgating the Curriculum of Bachelor’s degree in Aeronautical Engineering;

The Curriculum of Aeronautical Engineering, Bachelor’s degree, code: 52520120 of the American University in Vietnam has been developed with the aim of meeting objectives and output standards, detailed as follows:

1. Objectives of training

1.1. General objectives:

The training program in Aeronautical Engineering is designed to provide students with knowledge and skills to operate, maintain and repair aircrafts and other equipment and systems on aircrafts such as: Chassis, engine, mechanical and motorized equipment and systems. After graduation, students can work in factories, aircraft repair and maintenance workshops, airlines, aircraft operators, and in other related technical fields.

1.2. Specific objectives:

The objectives of the training program in Aeronautical Engineering is to provide students with:
– Thorough professional core knowledge in order to adapt well to different jobs in the field of general engineering while having in-depth knowledge in the field of aircraft operation, maintenance and repair engineering;
– Professional skills and personal qualities needed to succeed in the career;
– Social skills needed to work effectively in multidisciplinary and multinational teams;
– Capacity for planning, implementation and operation of equipment, systems and machines for the operation, repair and maintenance according to each economic, social and environmental situation;
– Political qualities, sense of serving the people, good health, satisfaction of requirements of building up and protecting the Homeland;
– Graduates from the training program of Aeronautical Engineering are eligible and qualified for the post of:
+ Project Management Engineer;
+ Operation, Maintenance, Repair Engineer;
+ Inspection, Evaluation Engineer;
+ Sales, Marketing Engineer, etc.

1.3. Output standards – expected results:

After graduation, Aeronautical Engineers from the American University in Vietnam must have:
– Knowledge:
+ Core knowledge of general engineering and Aeronautical Engineering;
+ Concentration knowledge of aircrafts, mechanical systems, chassis, engines;
+ Thorough grasp of techniques and practical knowledge to be able to handle complicated tasks related to operation, maintenance and repair of aircrafts;
+ Knowledge of processes and methods of dismantling, inspection, maintenance and repair of damages to aircrafts;
+ Knowledge of law and environmental protection related to the field of Aeronautical Engineering.
– Skills:
+ Expert at assembling, maintaining, repairing damages to equipment within the specialization;
+ Analyze, summarize and evaluate data and information, summarize opinions of the community and apply new scientific and technological achievements to solve problems related to aircraft maintenance and repair;
+ Verify the quality of the systems on an aircraft;
+ Have full capacity for managing a phase of aircraft maintenance;
+ Have skills in foreign languages (English) to read and understand specialized technical documents; Can use foreign languages to express and handle some common professional situations, can write a simple report, stating opinions related to professional work.
– Attitude:
+ Be basically aware of Marxism-Leninism and Ho Chi Minh’s Ideology;
+ Have right viewpoints, know to succeed and promote good traditions and national cultural characters;
+ Be modest, simple, and have a healthy lifestyle. Be careful and responsible for all tasks, be always desirous of going further in profession;
+ Respect the law, fulfil well all obligations and responsibilities of a citizen;
+ Have good enough health to work in the professional field;
+ Have basic knowledge and skills of military services and national defense activities.
– Workplace upon graduation:
+ Factories, workshops for maintenance and repair of aircrafts;
+ Airlines, aircraft operators;
+ It’s possible to participate in management of or directly perform steps in aircraft maintenance processes;
+ Other related engineering fields such as mechanical engineering, hydraulics, etc.
– Foreign language, information technology skills:
+ English proficiency: TOEIC 500 at minimum or equivalent international certificates according to the prevailing regulations of AUV; able to communicate, work in English; able to use English well in activities related to the trained profession; good at reading and understanding technical documents on aircraft maintenance;
+ Information Technology proficiency: Equivalent to Certificate B, proficient at using office applications, software designed for aircraft maintenance.

2. Training duration: 4.5 years.

For the importance and necessity, the Board of Trustees and the Senate of the American University in Vietnam would like to notify all the staff of the above stated University to together build up and develop available resources to ensure the progress of training in Aeronautical Engineering in session 2018 – 2019.

Dr. Tran Nguyen Thy Binh