MARKETING 305: Principals of Marketing (MKTG 305, 4 Credits)
Provides foundational overview of the role and process of marketing as a system of exchanges within society, the economy, and business organizations. Covers strategic planning, market segmentation, environmental scanning, marketing strategies, marketing mix elements, consumer and business buying behaviors, and marketing research.

MARKETING 315: Services Marketing (MKTG 315, 2 Credits)
Provides an overview of service quality with marketing frameworks and strategies used by manufacturing and service firms to compete effectively through service. Introduces subjects including gap analysis of service quality, services marketing triangle, marketing mix for services, service blueprinting, consumer behavior, service encounter analysis, services research methods and demand management. Prerequisite: Completion of MKTG 305 with a minimum grade of C.

MARKETING 371: Consumer and Buyer Behavior (MKTG 371, 4 Credits)
Examines the psychological, social, and cultural aspects of consumers and organizational buyers to understand their needs, wants, preferences, and behaviors. Provides foundation to identify market segments and develop targeted marketing strategies and programs. Prerequisite: Completion of MKTG 305 with a minimum grade of C.

MARKETING 377: Selling Strategy and Practices (MKTG 377, 4 Credits)
In-depth examination of selling strategy and practices as an integral part of the total marketing system, including territory management, consultative selling, negotiation, and system selling.

MARKETING 380: Direct Marketing Methods (MKTG 380, 4 Credits)
Introduces direct marketing as part of company and/or organization marketing programs. Discusses major direct marketing media and methods including direct mail, broadcast and print advertising, Internet and interactive media, catalogs, telemarketing, data base creation, as well as management and effective measurement for direct marketing programs.

MARKETING 433: Marketing Communication (MKTG 433, 4 Credits)
Examines the determinants of communication effectiveness and efficiency, the components of marketing communication, and the process of designing, implementing, controlling, and evaluating marketing communication strategies. Prerequisite: Completion of MKTG 305 with a minimum grade of C.

MARKETING 446: Sales Management (MKTG 446, 2 Credits)
Focuses on the management of sales forces by examining how to plan, implement and evaluate the sales effort. Examines key responsibilities of sales managers including planning, recruiting, training, motivating and evaluating the sales force. Discusses sales forecasting, territory design and quota setting methods. Prerequisite: Completion of MKTG 305 with a minimum grade of C.

MARKETING 448: Global and Cross-Cultural Marketing (MKTG 448, 4 Credits)
Studies the challenges, constraints, and opportunities presented by the global environment. Emphasizes the types of marketing strategies that can be used to exploit opportunities and overcome challenges in the global marketplace. Focuses not simply on how to successfully enter markets overseas, but on how strategies in the domestic market can be integrated into a firm’s overall global marketing strategy. Prerequisite: Completion of MKTG 305 with a minimum grade of C.

MARKETING 449: Database Marketing (MKTG 449, 4 Credits)
Provides tools for systematic collection, analysis, and application of customer information to build long-term customer relationships through drawing from database management, statistics, finance, and marketing skills. Discussion focuses on what critical customer information should be collected and how to maintain it in relational databases. Develops strategies to analyze databases to predict customer behaviors, retention rates, and levels of spending and use these databases to make informed choices concerning which customers to target and how to develop long-term relationships with them. Prerequisites: Completion of BUS 304, MIS 304, and MKTG 305 with a minimum grade of C.

MARKETING 470: Marketing Research (MKTG 470, 4 Credits)
Examines marketing research process, research design, instrument development, measurement and scaling, sampling, primary and secondary data analysis, and research reporting for marketing decisions. Prerequisites: Completion of BUS 304 and MKTG 305 with a minimum grade of C.

MARKETING 476: Internet/Interactive Marketing (MKTG 476, 4 Credits)
Discusses an array of topics related to internet/interactive marketing. Covers marketing and communication in digital networked environments, intersection of business issues, marketing programs, interactive technology, web site design and evaluation, e-commerce, online customer experience, search engine optimization, personalization, online advertising, and mobile marketing.

MARKETING 479: Strategic Marketing Management (MKTG 479, 4 Credits)
Introduces strategic planning, integration, management, and control of the marketing functions and mix, as well as methods to apply decision techniques to solve marketing problems.