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The faculty of The American University in Vietnam ensures that both the university institution and the enrolled students capitalize on their capabilities to unleash their creative potential for the benefit of society.  To develop students’ creativity and integrative skills, the faculty offers interdisciplinary courses that cross the boundaries of academic disciplines.  Unlike other universities, we offer these capstone courses each year, not at the end of the degree program.  Students learn how to integrate knowledge and analysis to “connect the dots,” early in their studies. For example, in our freshman year’s “Technology, Culture and Society” capstone students gain insight from drawing upon multiple disciplines, including physical sciences, sociology, technology and applied sciences, business and economics, and social psychology.  In this course, each student takes on a particular technology (e.g., genetic engineering) and thoroughly examines the history, technical function, and impact of that technology on culture, social norms, behavior, economy, environment and people’s lives.  Upon completion of their research, students present and share their findings with the university community in a public forum.    

The faculty of AUV is committed to making students globally aware.  They require every semester students to study, research and explore about a particular nation or region of the world. Each semester a “qualified native” instructor is hired to conduct a special seminar/workshop to guide students in gaining a well-rounded view of the culture, history, economy, demography, business, government, and social institutions of the nation/region in focus.  At the semester’s end, students demonstrate their global understanding of the nation/region and present their research about contributions to the world from the region.  The faculty of AUV ensures that upon graduation, students will have been made familiar with multiple aspects of life in all regions of the globe.

Faculty members of AUV have a deep commitment to the practice of higher education.  They believe that students learn best when given a supportive learning environment to develop their unique abilities, talents, intellect, and passion.  Instead of giving canned instructional material, the role of our faculty is to help students explore, experiment, discover, apply and use a balanced mix of knowledge & skill, creativity & perspective, insight & wisdom while nurturing their personal and professional values through learning and self-discovery.  

Members of our faculty motivate and engage students in all stages of their learning process.  A small class size allows professors to pay individual attention to each student’s learning style, unique ability and talent while noting areas of intellectual strength and skill shortcomings. To maximize student achievements, faculty members make use of project-based learning, applied research, and diverse instructional methods.  In each course, students are engaged in group projects, individual experimentation, focused research, collective problem solving and decision-making.  This way, students not only strengthen their intellectual abilities but also sharpen their communication and social skills to expand their perspectives and experiences as they work with others.

Our faculty is mindful of creating bridges between theory and practice to expose students to work and life in the “real world.” They engage students to do field work, to observe the back-end operation of businesses, to have face-to-face conversations with international executives, to reflect on corporate site visits, to work in professional office settings, and to gain first-hand experience from co-op education, internships with international companies, and transnational student exchanges.  This way, the faculty ensures that each student gains insight into how the real world operates, how to conduct work, how organizations function, how executives think and manage, how businesses and industry interact with society, and how institutions and government respond to public expectations.  

Upon completion of their coursework at AUV, students are expected to apply their knowledge, skills, talents, and experiences for the direct benefit of the community, including service at community-based organizations, NGOs, social work institutions, charities, local government service, and non-profits entities.  This service learning is conducted directly under mentorship of the faculty in collaboration with the administrator of the served institutions.

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Our Academic Focus

Our Academic Focus

International Advisory Board

Dr. Binh Tran
Dr. Binh Tran Chair of AUV Board of Trustees
APU Educational Development Group
 Dr. Gail Hackett
Dr. Gail HackettProvost And Vice President
Virginia Commonwealth University
Dr. Alan Goodman
Dr. Alan GoodmanPresident
Institute of International Education
Hon. Ahmad Kamal
Hon. Ahmad KamalSenior Fellow
United Nations Institute for Training and Research
Dr. Kevin Truman
Dr. Kevin TrumanVice Provost for International Initiatives and Dean of the School of Computing and Engineering
University of Missouri–Kansas City
Mr. Jeffrey S. Goss
Mr. Jeffrey S. GossAssociate Vice Provost, Vietnam SE Asia Programs
Arizona State University
Dr. Emily Cutrer
Dr. Emily CutrerPresident
Texas A&M University – Texarkana
Dr. T. Dwayne McCay
Dr. T. Dwayne McCayPresident And Chief Operating Officer
Florida Institute of Technology
Gary Beer
Gary BeerFormer, President
Smithsonian Institution
Dr. Christopher Phillips
Dr. Christopher PhillipsFounder
Society for Philosophical Inquiry
Roger Davidson
Roger Davidson Founder
Society for Sacred Universal Music
Dr. Zorica Pantic
Dr. Zorica PanticPresident
Wentworth Institute of Technology
Dr. Henry Nguyen
Dr. Henry NguyenCurators’ Distinguished Professor of Genetics and Biotechnology
University of Missouri
Dr. Christopher Wolf
Dr. Christopher Wolf CEO and Chief Investment
Officer of Preservation Trust Advisors
Dr. Karen Haynes
Dr. Karen HaynesPresident
California State University, San Marcos
Richard Mackenzie, M.D.
Richard Mackenzie, M.D.Associate Professor
University of Southern California School Of Medicine
Nhan Tran, M.D.
Nhan Tran, M.D.Neurologist, General Radiologist, Teleradiologist
Brown University of Medicine
Vincent Morelli, M.D.
Vincent Morelli, M.D.Vanberbilt School Of Medicine


Dr. Wayne Powel
Dr. Wayne PowelProvost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs
Ph.D., University of Arizona
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Dr. Robert M. MacKay
Dr. Robert M. MacKay Professor of Physics
Ph.D., Oregon Graduate Institute of Science & Technology
View more
Dr. John Behzad
Dr. John BehzadProfessor of Corporate Finance
Ph.D., Indiana University Bloomington
View more
Prof. Siben Dasgupta
Prof. Siben DasguptaDean of Engineering & Computer Science
Retired Professor of Electrical Engineering
Wentworth Institute of Technology
View more
Dr. Juergen Simon
Dr. Juergen Simon Associate Professor of International Business
Ph.D., Indiana University
View more
Dr. Jeffrey Marcelino Gonzalez
Dr. Jeffrey Marcelino GonzalezProfessor of English
Ph.D., Monash University
View more
Dr. George Main
Dr. George MainAssociate Professor of Business Law
J.D., Seattle University School of Law
View more
Dr. Marty F. Fees
Dr. Marty F. FeesProfessor of Mathematics (2016-18)
Ph.D., Northern Arizona University
View more
Dr. Jean L. Briastre
Dr. Jean L. BriastreAssistant Professor of Entrepreneurship
Ph.D., Louisiana State University
View more
Dr. Hoang Nguyen
Dr. Hoang NguyenProfessor of Statistics
Ph.D., University of Southern California
View more
Dr. Maynard F. Yutzy
Dr. Maynard F. YutzyProfessor of Education (2017-18)
Ed.D., University of Oregon
View more
Dr. Hung Le
Dr. Hung LeProfessor of Mathematics
Ph.D., University of California, Los Angeles
View more
Dr. Quyen Di Bui
Dr. Quyen Di BuiProfessor of Languages and Cultures
Ph.D., University of California, Los Angeles
View more
Dr. Ryan Preston
Dr. Ryan PrestonProfessor of Philosophy (2015-17)
Ph.D., Harvard University
View more
Dr. Richard Mack
Dr. Richard MackProfessor of Economics (2014-15)
Ph.D., Colorado State University
View more
Dr. Vincent J. Morelli
Dr. Vincent J. MorelliLecturer of Sports Medicine (2014-15)
M.D., Duke University
View more
Dr. Mirja Holst
Dr. Mirja HolstLecturer of Philosophy
Ph.D., University of Leeds
View more
Jason Nanton
Jason NantonSenior Lecturer of Finance
M.B.A., University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
View more
Ralph Milsap
Ralph MilsapLecturer of History
M.A., Northern Michigan University
View more
Ben Quick
Ben Quick Lecturer of English Literature
M.F.A, The University of Arizona
View more
Fabrice Boucard
Fabrice BoucardAssociate Instructor of French Culture
M.S., IUP University, France
View more
Stephen Donald Howell
Stephen Donald HowellLecturer of U.S. History
M.A.,Campbell University
View more
Hien Le
Hien LeAssociate Instructor of Intensive English (2014-15)
M.A., Texas Christian University
Frank Vinh
Frank VinhLecturer of Languages (2013-14)
M.S, University of Southern California
Brandon Mclaughlin
Brandon MclaughlinAssociate Instructor of Psychology (2014-15)
M.S.,University Of Maine
Ben Thelwell
Ben ThelwellAssociate Instructor of Intensive English (2014-15)
M.S., University of Maine
Shannon Ahrndt
Shannon AhrndtAssociate Instructor of Intensive English (2015-16)
M.A., University of Wisconsin
Brandon Fink
Brandon FinkAssociate Instructor of Intensive English (2014-17)
M.S., Western Oregon State University
Matthew Klein
Matthew KleinAssociate Instructor of Intensive English (2015-17)
M.S., University of Massachusetts, Boston
Alex Bleecker
Alex BleeckerAssociate Instructor of Intensive English (2015-17)
M.S., Bank Street School of Education, New York

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