AUV Hosts US Research Students


The American University in Vietnam was enthusiastic to host 13 research students this past week visiting from various US universities such as Vanderbelt, Williams College, Boston College, and George Washington University. Our guests have a semester in Vietnam with the purpose of research topics for the region. Their research brought them to AUV where students attended a presentation on managerial perspectives in Vietnam. Joined by AUV faculty members, visiting students were introduced to AUV’s campus, curricula, general education, and transferability. The introduction transitioned into and overview of Vietnam’s economy and specifics of managerial issues in running institutions in Vietnam as corporate and noncorporate. Students and faculty had an engaging dialogue and had a chance to discuss their research topics in relation to the presentation. Some of the research topics included: International conflicts, development & social relations highlighting institutions of power between the West & Vietnam; How to help children have the same opportunities for education; and Vietnam’s recent economic, environmental & social transformations. As visiting students continue their semester-long research of the region, AUV is happy to have facilitated a discussion furthering their critical understanding of education, economy, and industry in Vietnam.