The American University in Vietnam (AUV) is a four-year degree granting university providing liberal arts education and majors to quality-conscious students. AUV is ideal for those who demand top-notch instruction, a solid foundation for advanced career skills, a supportive learning environment, and the opportunity for direct placement in graduate programs (MA, MS, MBA, PhD) in American universities. AUV’s curriculum is entirely based on the American model of higher education. Before choosing to major in a specialized area of interest, students must complete a rigorous general studies program. They must demonstrate proficiency in communication and basic academic skills before strengthening their critical thinking and analytical abilities through a comprehensive study of social sciences, arts and humanities, math and natural sciences, technology and global communication. AUV is home to a vibrant student community that nurtures interaction and involvement. Our students have unique opportunities to experience transnational university life in Vietnam and in the U.S. Students can complete their studies in their preferred field of specialty through 2+2 programs for undergraduate degrees and 2+3, 2+4, 4+1 or 4+2 for master’s degrees at select partner universities in the U.S. Course credits are generally transferable to universities in the U.S. through our U.S. partner institutions or through individual submission to admission offices at other U.S. universities. AUV is accountable to the universities in the U.S. with whom we partner, an International Advisory Board, governing national laws and regulations, and to our world-class faculty and administrative staff. AUV is distinctive in many ways. These are reflected in our mission, our values, an academic philosophy based on a liberal arts education, and the curricula of our introductory courses and majors. Through this uniquely American process we educate individual students to become the professionals, entrepreneurs, artists, executives, and leaders of tomorrow.


We envision a global community in which individuals are inspired to create and sustain highly productive, fulfilling, and meaningful lives and to elevate the economic, social, and living conditions of their families and others.

Our mission is to provide a stimulating intellectual community that prepares graduates for the challenges of life, work and leadership in a diverse and rapidly changing world. Such preparation invariably involves equipping future professionals and leaders with cutting-edge knowledge, lifelong skills and higher personal values to function as local actors and global citizens.

We achieve this mission through the delivery of empowering curricula, programs, scholarship, and face-to-face instruction in ways that develop students’ intellectual capacity, social and global perspectives, and foundations for career success.


Advanced curricula backed by outstanding teaching that reinforces intellectual inquiry and exploration, critical thinking and skills, and a deep understanding of self, nature, society, and human relations.

Diverse people and diverse ideas in one university while modeling the will to excel with integrity and purpose.

A learning community that foster independence and empowers students to unleash their creative potential for the benefit of society and to take responsibility for themselves, their communities, and the earth.

Serve as a regional intellectual resource assisting to solve human, economic, public, and environmental problems, and to serve as a catalyst for positive change in economic lives of people in the local, national, and regional communities of Vietnam and Southeast Asia.

Motivate and engage students in all stages of the learning process, paying individual attention to every student’s unique learning style while noting areas of intellectual strength and areas for improvement.

Make students aware of national, regional, and global social and environmental issues and challenges, so they form well-rounded perspectives on the culture, history, economy, demography, and social institutions of different regions of the world.

Maintain a supportive learning environment in which students are inspired to develop their unique abilities, talents and intellect with a sense of empathy and a personal responsibility to those around them

Instead of giving canned instructional material, our faculty helps students explore, experiment, discover, and apply a balanced mix of knowledge and skills, creativity and perspective, insight and wisdom, and personal and professional values.

As a community of educators, we are committed to:

  • Learning and Discovery

  • Individual Opportunity and Leadership

  • Personal Growth and Responsibility

  • Community Development

  • Engagement and Motivation

  • Global Mindedness

  • Empathy

  • Openness


Over two decades ago

Over two decades ago, Dr. Binh Tran followed her passion to embark on a lifelong project, providing educational opportunities to young people in Vietnam. Out of that passion came the APU International School – a leading K-12 institution with campuses in Ho Chi Minh City and Danang. Building on the success of APU, a long process lead to the creation of the first American-style university in Vietnam.


The American University in Vietnam (AUV) received an investment license in 2009 and broke ground for the construction of a large scale campus in Danang City in September 2010. Soon after, AUV entered into relationships with a number of universities in the U.S. with whom we have formed academic relationships.


Along with an International Advisory Board of US educators, AUV established a curricular focus in liberal arts, business administration, management, and communication studies.


With support from the provincial leaders, the Government of Vietnam, and the community, AUV received approval from the government in 2015 for courses and degrees to begin in fall of 2016.


AUV is expanding its reach and programs to include business administration, communication studies, broadcast journalism, health sciences, media communications, PR, software engineering, computer science, sustainable tourism, and select other disciplines.

Academic Focus

Our strategy for achieving our mission is to provide an American style education that offers compelling academic programs.

Our General Studies program focus

Our Major programs focus

Our courses focus

Our classroom instructions focus

Our capstone requirements focus

Our General Studies program focus on developing students’ intellectual abilities, personal values, and lifelong skills including oral and written fluency in English and a rich understanding of natural sciences, humanities, technology, social institutions, and world cultures. Our General Studies are compatible with the programs of reputable institutions of higher education in the U.S.

Our Major programs focus on imparting in students specialized knowledge, skills and values coupled with ideas that transform knowledge into applications that directly benefit the personal, social, and professional lives of the graduates.

Our courses focus on creating bridges between theory and practice so students gain insight into the application of knowledge to discover dynamics of the “real world,” how organizations function, how executives think and manage, how industries interact with society, and how institutions and government respond to public expectations. Coursework, exercises. and activities may engage students to do applied research, field work, observe the back-end operation of businesses, conduct face-to-face conversations with change agents, reflect on corporate site visits, research and report on processes and operations, function in professional settings, or gain first-hand experience from cooperative education or internships.

Our classroom instructions focus on making use of problem-based, project-based learning, applied research, and diverse instructional methods that motivate and engage students in self learning, discovery, experimentation, focused research, problem solving, decision-making, and developing social skills for a spectrum of individual and group communication.

Our capstone requirements focus on a unique process that strengthens interdisciplinary skills with an opportunity for students to apply their knowledge, talents and skills for the benefit of the community through a capstone experience. This may involve interdisciplinary research, service learning at non-profits entities. internships at community-based organizations, practicums at NGOs, corporate residencies, social enterprise consulting, and guided projects for social work institutions, charities, local government, and educational institutions.

Advisory Board

Dr. Binh Tran

Chair of AUV Board of Trustees

APU Educational Development Group

Roger Davidson


Society for Sacred Universal Music

Dr. Gail Hackett

Provost And Vice President

Virginia Commonwealth University

Dr. Alan Goodman


Institute of International Education

Hon. Ahmad Kamal

Senior Fellow

United Nations Institute for Training and Research

Dr. Kevin Truman

Vice Provost for International Initiatives and Dean of the School of Computing and Engineering

University of Missouri–Kansas City

Mr. Jeffrey S. Goss

Associate Vice Provost, Vietnam SE Asia Programs

Arizona State University

Dr. Emily Cutrer


Texas A&M University – Texarkana

Dr. T. Dwayne McCay

President And Chief Operating Officer

Florida Institute of Technology

Gary Beer

Former, President

Smithsonian Institution

Dr. Christopher Phillips


Society for Philosophical Inquiry

Dr. Zorica Pantic


Wentworth Institute of Technology

Dr. Henry Nguyen

Curators’ Distinguished Professor of Genetics and Biotechnology

University of Missouri

Dr. Christopher Wolf

CEO and Chief Investment

Officer of Preservation Trust Advisors

Dr. Karen Haynes


California State University, San Marcos

Richard Mackenzie, M.D.

Associate Professor

University of Southern California School Of Medicine

Nhan Tran, M.D.

Neurologist, General Radiologist, Teleradiologist

Brown University of Medicine

Vincent Morelli, M.D

Vanberbilt School Of Medicine


Jason Nanton

Senior Lecturer of Finance

M.B.A., University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

Mr. Jason Nanton received his B.S. degree in Economics & Mathematics from Clarkson University in New York, his M.A. Degree in Economics from Michigan State University, and his M.B.A. degree from the University of Michigan, Ross School of Business.  As a Ph.D. Candidate at Michigan State, he taught four courses in Economics. Nanton later served as the lecturer of Micro and Macroeconomics at the Management Development Institute of Singapore.  He was also an academic consultant at the International Business School in Uzbekistan. Mr. Nanton has extensive managerial experience in the financial industry. He held executive positions at large international credit service companies, including MasterCard, Visa and American Express. At MasterCard, he was the Vice President of Business Development & Digital Innovations for eight years.  During this time, he worked in Singapore on digital initiatives such as HCE, Digital Wallet, AR/VR, Chatbot, Lean/Agile development, and VirtualCard. In New Zealand, he was managing retail and institutional banking accounts and in Taiwan he managed Citibank Account relationships across China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, and Japan. At Visa International, Mr. Nanton was the Director of Visa Consulting in Singapore, managing consulting projects across six countries with more than fifty different banks.  At American Express Travel Related Services, he was the Regional Marketing Manager in Singapore and responsible for the Loyalty Programs of the Asia Pacific region consisting of three million members across ten markets.  Prior to this work, he was the Senior Manager of the New Product Development of American Express Travel Related Services in New York, where he managed the launch of more than a dozen card products in the U.S., U.K. and Canada.

Dr. Wayne Powel

Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs

Ph.D., University of Arizona

Wayne D. Powel is the Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs of the American University of Viet Nam, a position he was appointed to in the summer of 2019. The American University of Viet Nam is the first private university in the country and provides a high quality, American style higher education experience for the people of Viet Nam and the rest of Southeast Asia. As Provost, Dr. Powel is the chief academic officer responsible to the Chancellor  of the University for direct supervision of all academic programs and related  offices.

During his tenure as Provost at Saint Francis University he was charged by the President to transition Saint Francis from a college to a university and to a four school structure. He has championed the university’s global initiatives; beginning a semester-long study program in Ambialet, France and establishing an office to recruit and support international students. Working with his leadership team, Saint Francis has seen its first-to-second year retention rise to 85% and its six year graduation rate increase to over 70%.

Dr. Powel came to Saint Francis from Gonzaga University in Spokane, Washington where he served from 1989 to 2006. Beginning as an assistant professor, he served as department chair, Director of Institutional Research and as Associate Academic Vice President. In his last years there he served as Chief Information Officer. In this role he oversaw a multi-million dollar renovation of the university’s network and server infrastructure.

A first-generation college student, Dr. Powel earned an associate of arts degree from Miami Dade Community College. Seeking adventure, he moved to New
Mexico and completed a bachelor of arts from New Mexico Highlands University. Dr. Powel earned his Ph.D. in experimental psychology from the University of Arizona in 1989. As a faculty member, Dr. Powel has written several articles on children’s cognitive development and as an administrator he has written on the use of technology in higher education.

Dr. Powel is a member of the Jesuit Honor Society, Alpha Sigma Nu and Kappa Delta Pi, the International Honor Society in Education. He is a matriculant of the Council on Independent College’s Executive Leadership Academy and the recipient of a Fulbright Scholarship.

Dr. Robert M. MacKay

Professor of Physics

Ph.D., Oregon Graduate Institute of Science & Technology

Dr. MacKay holds an M.S. degree in physics from Portland State University as well as a M.S. and a Ph.D. in atmospheric physics from Oregon Graduate Institute of Science & Technology.  He is a professor of Physics at AUV and Emeritus Professor of physics and meteorology at Clark College in Vancouver, WA.  His academic interests are in geosciences, calculus-based physics, environmental modeling and systems, meteorology, and Earth’s climate.

Dr. Mackay was co-investigator on NASA’s project “Investigating the Climatic Effects of Solar Irradiance Variations.”   Since 2014 Dr. Mackay has been a module developer and author for “Integrate Project” of the National Science Foundation (NSF) and developer of the “Energy Balance and the Atmosphere” curriculum for the national Science Education Resource Center (SERC).

Dr. Mackay has extensive publications in refereed journals and numerous research papers presented at professional meetings, academic research circles, and scientific workshops.  His research work spans several fields of science, ranging from climate system modeling to atmospheric chemistry and educational science.

Over his 35 years of work in research, industry and academia, Dr. Mackay has created and developed a large number of interactive learning modules in science for university students.  Recently he has been exploring classroom instruction through hybrid courses, using the optimal learning format of face-to-face lab work, online lecture, discussion and research.

Dr. John Behzad

Professor of Corporate Finance

Ph.D., Indiana University Bloomington

Dr. Behzad holds a B.A. in insurance, an M.A. in economics, an M.B.A. in finance, and a Ph.D. in business and economics with specializations in risk management, insurance, and international business.

Dr. Behzad is an emeritus professor of management and finance at California State University (CSUEB). There, he was the Associate Dean of the College of Business and Economics, member of the Board of Director of University Foundation, department chair, and chairman of some university-wide committees, including curriculum, international studies, graduate and undergraduate instruction, the study abroad program, and faculty and student affairs. He has taught business and management courses at M.B.A. and undergraduate programs in the U.S., and in the Global Executive M.B.A. programs in Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam.

Prior to working with AUV, Dr. Behzad served as the Executive Director of the Emerging Technology Institute at California State University (CSUEB). He directed several national and regional projects funded by grants from the U.S. Department of Education, State of California, and telecommunication companies in California. He served as the Managing Director of a California State University System initiative, “Direct Enhancement of Learning Through Technology Assistance,” where he oversaw emerging technology projects, such as remote access control of scientific equipment, network solutions for sharing scanning electron microscopes, and multimedia content for Distributed Learning Technology platforms. Before his career at California State, he was a full-time faculty member at universities of Wisconsin, Indiana, and Purdue.

Dr. Behzad has published a book in corporate finance and a number of articles in academic circles and journals, including Journal of Risk and Insurance. He has presented numerous research papers and scholarly work at the national and international meetings of academic associations in the U.S. and professional circles overseas.

With over 30 years of experience in teaching, research, executive development, and administration at U.S. universities, Dr. Behzad brings to AUV his advanced expertise in management education, insurance and risk management, and international finance. He has traveled extensively in Asia, visiting the Southeast Asian region on a yearly basis for over 20 years. Behzad moved to Vietnam in 2008.

Prof. Siben Dasgupta

Dean of Engineering & Computer Science

Retired Professor of Electrical Engineering

Professor Siben Dasgupta has a M.S. degree and completed the Ph.D. coursework in Electrical Engineering at Northeastern University. His teaching experience includes engineering courses at University of Massachusetts, Suffolk University, Northeastern University, Boston State College, and Wentworth Institute of Technology.  He has received grants from the National Science Foundation (NSF) and was a reviewer of NSF publication on PIC Microcontroller training.  His publications and areas of specialty are Linear and Nonlinear Control Systems, Digital Signal Processing, and microcontroller based circuits.

Professor Dasgupta has extensive industrial experience as a nuclear engineering manager of Power and Control System Division of Boston Edison Company, as a senior Control Systems engineer of Stone and Webster Engineering Corporation, and as an Industrial Engineer in Bell and Howell Communications Company.  He is a Registered Professional Engineer in the State of Massachusetts and has served as District Vice President of International Automation Society (ISA). He is a Senior Member of ISA and an active member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (IEEE).

Dr. Juergen Simon

Associate Professor of International Business

Ph.D., Indiana University

Dr. Simon holds an M.A. degree in Economics from Kiel University in Germany as well as M.B.A. and Ph.D. degrees in International Business from Indiana University Kelly School of Business.   

Dr. Simon taught courses in international business management at Indiana University, and at the private University of Applied Sciences in Berlin.  He conducted numerous executive training programs, seminars and professional workshops for executives at several international banking firms.  He was the chancellor of the University of Applied Sciences in Berlin.  

Dr. Simon has extensive managerial experience in international banking and finance.  His industry experience includes positions with international banks in Europe and the U.S, as well as American banks operating overseas.  He worked in international financial institutions in Boston, Frankfurt, London, and Munich.

Dr. Jeffrey Marcelino Gonzalez

Professor of English

Ph.D., Monash University

The director of AUV’s Intensive English Program (IEP), Jeffrey Marcelino (Marcelo) González holds a Master of Arts in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) from California’s highly-regarded Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey (MIIS), as well as a PhD in Translation Studies from QS-world-ranked Monash University—a member of Australia’s prestigious Group of Eight (Go8). Entitled Metaphor and Agency in the English-Spanish Translation of Texts in the Social Sciences (2015), his doctoral thesis examines process- and product-oriented issues in scholarly translation (for more, click here). His academic interests include exploring the facilitative effects of creative translation on second language acquisition (SLA). 

Dr. George Main

Associate Professor of Business Law

J.D., Seattle University School of Law

George Hamilton Main, Professor of Public Speaking, Business and Law, holds a a J.D. from the Seattle University School of Law, a Certificate in French Language Studies, from the Université Catholique de l’Ouest, and a B.A. in History from the Occidental College.

After working as a private attorney for 27 years for Corporate Clients and Administrative Agencies in the USA, Professor George Hamilton also worked as an Independent Programs Developer and Promotor, an IETLS Speaking Paper Trainer and Professor, Editor and Educational Events Organizer and more recently as a Professor in Public Speaking and Law at Wenzhou University in China.

He teaches public speaking and advocacy skills based on the message, organization and delivery to motivate, persuade and inspire audiences.

Dr. Marty F. Fees

Professor of Mathematics (2016-18)

Ph.D., Northern Arizona University

Dr. Jean L. Briastre

Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship

Ph.D., Louisiana State University

Dr. Briastre holds a Ph.D. degree from Louisiana State University and an MBA degree from the University of Hartford, U.S.A.  His transnational graduate work includes a D.E.A. degree (equivalent to Masters and Ph.D. ABD) from the University of Paris and a D.U. degree from the University of Grenoble, France.

Dr. Briastre has done a number of research work and  taught courses in management, marketing and communication at highly rate international institutions including INSEAD international business school in Fontainebleau and Ecole de Commerce de la Chambre de Commerce de Paris.  Prior to teaching at INSEAD, he taught courses at the University of Florida, Davidson College in North Carolina, and Louisiana State University in the U.S.

Dr. Briastre has eighteen years of business and management experience in the insurance industry with expertise in property/casualty and life/health insurance lines.  He was the CEO of an insurance firm operating in the European Union and owner of a financial services brokerage firm specializing in risk and insurance in France

Dr. Briastre has travelled extensive around the world and speaks several languages. He is an expert in Post-WWII French literature, especially the works of Sartre, Levi-Strauss, Lacan and New Novel writers.  He currently lives in Danang City and teaches entrepreneurship to business students at AUV.

Dr. Hoang Nguyen

Professor of Statistics

Ph.D., University of Southern California

Dr. Maynard F. Yutzy

Professor of Education (2017-18)

Ed.D., University of Oregon

Dr. Yutzy holds a B.A. from the University of Denver, an M.A. from the University of Northern Colorado, and an Ed.D. in Curriculum and Supervision from the University of Oregon. He has experience in teaching, administration, research, consulting and public service at both national and international levels.

Dr. Yutzy was a professor at the University of Idaho and the University of Guam after working as a Graduate Teaching Fellow at the University of Oregon. His international teaching includes Trenton State College in Spain, Heidelberg College in Japan, and many international schools in Asia and in the U.S. He has presented over thirty papers at national and international conferences on issues of trust, motivation, and anxiety in educational settings, most notably comparing the American and Japanese education system.

Dr. Yutzy has extensive administrative experience. In the U.S. he was the director of early childhood education at the University of Idaho Kindergarten Lab School, a school principal in California, an in-service trainer for North Idaho School Districts, a Head Start Trainer in Idaho and Washington, and a teacher in Colorado. In Guam, he was the chairman of the department of elementary education at the University of Guam. He also served as the director of Early Childhood Education Institute. In East Asia, he was the director, regional supervisor and headmaster of several international schools in Japan, and China. In Southeast Asia, he directed several international schools in Vietnam, where he was also the coordinator of the State University of New York (SUNY) for Quality Schools International (QSI), enabling teachers to take courses towards a Master of Science degree in multidisciplinary studies or to work toward a Certificate in Educational Leadership.

Dr. Yutzy has been a consultant to over 30 national and international educational institutions, including Head Start; Native Americans; and the National Office of Child Development in Washington DC. He has worked as a consultant for both public and private schools. He is an expert in Japanese educational systems operating in Japan for over twelve years. He served as the President of the Japan Council of International Schools and as a President, a board member and a program chairperson of the Japan Association of Supervision and Curriculum.

Dr. Hung Le

Professor of Mathematics

Ph.D., University of California, Los Angeles

Dr. Quyen Di Bui

Professor of Languages and Cultures

Ph.D., University of California, Los Angeles

Dr. Ryan Preston

Professor of Philosophy (2015-17)

Ph.D., Harvard University

Dr. Richard Mack

Professor of Economics (2014-15)

Ph.D., Colorado State University

Dr. Vincent J. Morelli

Lecturer of Sports Medicine (2014-15)

M.D., Duke University

Dr. Mirja Holst

Lecturer of Philosophy

Ph.D., University of Leeds

Dr Mirja Annalena Holst holds a Magistra Artium in Philosophy from the University of Hamburg and a Ph.D. in Philosophy from the University of Leeds. Her areas of specialization and competence are Philosophical Logic, Philosophy of Language and Metaphysics, and Philosophy of Mind.

Dr. Mirja has extensive experience in teaching various courses at Lingnan University, the University of Hamburg and the University of Aachen. Her Administrative experiences include being the Academic Advisor for undergraduate and graduate students at both the University of Hamburg and the University of Aachen.

Ralph Milsap

Lecturer of History

M.A., Northern Michigan University

Mr. Ralph Millsap has an M.A. from Northern Michigan University in Military and International History and a B.A. in Music Trumpet Performance from Georgia State University. He has also received a Certificate with Honors from the Connecticut School of Broadcasting among other recognitions for his decades of exceptional service and academic rank in the U.S Air Force.

Millsap’s academic career spans over twenty years and has reached over 3,000 students. He has held faculty positions at the U.S Air Force Air Command and Staff College where he designed and directed the Conflict Resolution Course. At the U.S Air Force Special Operations School, he directed the Revolutionary Warfare Course. He was the President of Advanced Strategic Initiatives, Inc, a think tank for senior military officers, academics, and ambassadors in the development of intellectual capital for the US national security community. His military expertise and academic background transitioned into a position at DeVry University where he taught courses in ethics, contemporary history, and the arts for over ten years, before relocating to Vietnam.

Peer review journals such as Air Power Journal, Aerospace Power Journal, and the Armed Forces Journal International have published Millsap’s reviews and research. Some of his noted presentations include, “Conflict Modeling: Thresholds to Multidimensional Concepts and Military,” and “National Identity and the Quest for Peace.”

He is a dedicated musician having studied with Renold Schilke who designed and built his trumpet (X3L). Millsap is a broadcast and voice-over personality host for That’s Jazz on Vegas Radio and Swampfox Radio in the Washington DC Metro area. Millsap continues his academic career at AUV teaching Humanities and as the Director of the Skills Development Center.

Ben Quick

Lecturer of English Literature

M.F.A, The University of Arizona

Ben Quick has a B.S. and an M.A. degree in American Studies from Utah State University. He has an M.F.A. in Nonfiction from the University of Arizona as well as a TEFL certification from the Center for ESL at the University of Arizona.

During graduate school at Utah State University, Quick discovered a passion for teaching composition. Since then, he has spent more than 15 years teaching literature, and writing courses in a variety of learning environments.  He taught composition, creative writing, and developmental writing at the University of Arizona for eight years.   

Quick first moved to Vietnam in 2008 to conduct a research project funded by a grant from the U.S. and again in 2015 to teach International Studies at university level. 

Quick has published dozens of essays and poems in regional, national, and international journals and academic circles. He has been a featured speaker and panelist presenting both scholarly and creative work at numerous academic conferences.  His prose has garnered awards from publications such as The Atlantic Monthly, Dzanc Books, and Orion Magazine. His 2010 essay “The Boneyard” was the recipient of the prestigious Pushcart Prize. In November, 2017, his work will be further anthologized in the forthcoming “Inheriting The War,” to be published by W.W. Norton.  Ben is still plugging away on a literary memoir that grows longer and longer each month.

In addition to teaching and writing, Quick enjoys learning Vietnamese, interviewing local residents about the history of Da Nang and Vietnam.  When he finds time to wind down, he rides his motorbike, rolling between rice paddies and winding through the Central Highlands of Vietnam in search of the best cơm gà quay.

Fabrice Boucard

Associate Instructor of French Culture

M.S., IUP University, France

Mr. Boucard has a B.S. and a M.S. in civil engineering from the IUP University in France.  He speaks French, German and English and has studied French history, culture, geography, arts, science, music, business, and management in both his personal and professional career.

Boucard worked in France as a manager and a supervisor while leading productive and efficient teams in both industrial and commercial settings.  His professional interaction has covered both the public and the private sector.  He worked as a supervisor and project development specialist for a company called SOFRER (Lille) in the North and East provinces of France as well as in Paris. He was the financial and technical planner for Bouygues Energies & Services where he managed the company’s pricing and sales. He has applied his knowledge in planning, project management, and teamwork to French companies as well as overseas in French Guyana and in Vietnam.  

Boucard has an extensive background in French culture and its influence across the globe attributed to his nature to explore and his passion for learning. He has traveled through Indochina and former French colonies as well as through French-speaking regions such as French Antilles and Tahiti. He’s been through countries in Southeast Asia, the USA, Europe, and New Zealand among others.  He currently resides in Danang, Vietnam, with his wife and frequently travels to France.  

When finding the time, Boucard is a passionate skier and windsurfer. He is also a talented Saxophone player. He has been playing rugby for over ten years and enjoys long distance running. He ran marathons in Amsterdam, Paris and Mont Saint Michel.    

Stephen Donald Howell

Lecturer of U.S. History

M.A.,Campbell University

Mr. Donald Stephen Howell holds a B.S. in Social Sciences and an M.Ed. from Campbell University. He has his Teaching Certification from Campbell University. Mr. Howell’s teaching experience ranges from secondary level classes to University courses on the topic of Social Studies. He has over 16 years of experience in the classroom.

Beyond the classroom, Mr. Howell has a passion for politics. He spent time in Washington D.C. participating actively in politics serving on the legislative staff of two United States Senators as well as for one Member of the United States House of Representatives.  He has also worked on a presidential campaign and had the opportunity to meet five, of the last six, US Presidents. His career in politics has strengthened his appreciation for teaching U.S. history.

Mr. Howell moved to Vietnam in 2013 to expand his experiences outside of his home state of North Carolina. He has been a faculty member with APU International School since 2013, holding positions as Acting Principal, Vice Principal, and educator within APU on both campuses in Ho Chi Minh City and Da Nang. Mr. Howell continues to contribute to the educational pursuits and passions of our students as the current Vice Principal of HCMC and in teaching history courses for the APU-UMKC College Bridge program.

Hien Le

Associate Instructor of Intensive English (2014-15)

M.A., Texas Christian University

Frank Vinh

Lecturer of Languages (2013-14)

M.S, University of Southern California

Brandon Mclaughlin

Associate Instructor of Psychology (2014-15)

M.S.,University Of Maine

Ben Thelwell

Associate Instructor of Intensive English (2014-15)

M.S., University of Maine

Shannon Ahrndt

Associate Instructor of Intensive English (2015-16)

M.A., University of Wisconsin

Brandon Fink

Associate Instructor of Intensive English (2014-17)

M.S., Western Oregon State University

Matthew Klein

Associate Instructor of Intensive English (2015-17)

M.S., University of Massachusetts, Boston

Alex Bleecker

Associate Instructor of Intensive English (2015-17)

M.S., Bank Street School of Education, New York


The American University of Vietnam campus is in a perfect location for students to enjoy the quiet subtleties of Vietnam’s natural landscape all while being only a short walk to the beach or a bus ride into the city center. The campus is well organized to meet all student needs such as an international library, up to date computer lab, SMART board classrooms and facilities such as an outdoor swimming pool. As Da Nang is the fastest growing city in Southeast Asia, AUV will continue to cater to students from all over the country and the globe giving students the resources and skills to thrive in their futures.

AUV Campus Visits

We welcome visitors to our lush and ever-growing campus south of the Da Nang city center. You can explore the halls of our main building, peeking in on our smart classrooms where you are likely to catch a glimpse of students and faculty engaged in the lively give and take of classroom learning, wander along paths winding around lotus ponds and listen to the sounds of local birds, and sip on a smoothie or traditional Vietnamese milk coffee in our student lounge when you’re finished. Our hours are 8:00AM- 5:00PM M-F, and we do ask that you call or email us before your visit so we can help provide you with the best possible experience.