AUV Christmas Wreath Decorating Contest

We’re so excited to share with you the results of our students’ Handmade Christmas Wreath Competition. Participants were asked to be in small groups and were judged on creativity, beauty and lastly, the best use of their budget. We are thrilled at the results and furthermore, students had so much fun doing it! Everyone’s already excited about the next creative event! Scroll down to see the results, the creative raw materials and out of the box thinking in full display.


Here you can see each individual wreaths with the materials each team used. We were impressed by their creativity and imaginative use of resources. Students used different raw materials such as paper, cardboard, wire hangers, a variety of plants, tinsel, glitter, ribbon, tree bark, wool, loofahs, cotton buds, cotton wool, lights and glue to create their designs.

And the winners are:

First Prize for beauty and creativity goes to Anh and Penny. Their snowman was made of wire, loofahs, cotton buds, wool and a little sparkle.

Second prize goes to Tang and Cyan. Their creative use of ferns, wood, twigs and tinsel really caught our attention.

The special first price for the best use of budget went to Anh, Nam and Penny. They spent zero money on their wreath, creatively using empty paper rolls and leftover glitter.