HOSPITALITY AND TOURISM MANAGEMENT 201: Introduction to Hospitality and Tourism Management (HOSP 201, 3 Credits)
Explores the hospitality and tourism industry with focus on basic management theories and principles as they apply to hospitality and tourism; basic structure, organization, and management of industry components, and the services/products they deliver.

HOSPITALITY AND TOURISM MANAGEMENT 223: Hospitality Managerial Accounting and Controls (HOSP 223, 3 Credits)
Examines the utilization of accounting information in decision-making, planning, directing, and controlling in hospitality and tourism management. Integrates areas of managerial accounting and controls with applications in hospitality industry.

HOSPITALITY AND TOURISM MANAGEMENT 320: Hotel Management (HOSP 320, 3 Credits)
Covers hotel management and operations to include room reservations, housekeeping, front desk management, concierge, sanitation, safety, security, and bell stand. Emphasizes revenue management, forecasting, performance measurement, transient versus group displacement, service quality, pricing and inventory management, and ethics.

HOSPITALITY AND TOURISM MANAGEMENT 340: Restaurant Management (HOSP 340, 3 Credits)
Examines restaurant and food service principles to operations of casual and fine dining restaurants with emphasis on cost/volume/profit relationships, forecasting demand and market share, market niche/positioning, sanitation and safety, scheduling, quality management, customer service, technology, and ambience/environment.

HOSPITALITY AND TOURISM MANAGEMENT 431: Convention Services for Hotels (HOSP 431, 2 Credits)
Focuses on planning, developing, and implementing hotel meetings and convention services.

HOSPITALITY AND TOURISM MANAGEMENT 435: Sporting Events and Festival Management (HOSP 435, 3 Credits)
Details the organization and administration of attraction-based events, focusing on scheduling, financing, budgeting and revenue distribution, logistics, planning techniques, marketing, contracts, and staging considerations.

HOSPITALITY AND TOURISM MANAGEMENT 453: Hospitality Sales and Marketing (HOSP 453, 2 Credits)
Discusses sales functions and management skills required of hospitality companies, as well as the tactics and techniques used to reach target audiences.

HOSPITALITY AND TOURISM MANAGEMENT 455: Hospitality Financial Management (HOSP 455, 3 Credits)
Examines managerial insights and techniques for understanding, evaluating, and managing hospitality industry financial information, and making sound decisions.

HOSPITALITY AND TOURISM MANAGEMENT 456: Hotel Revenue Management (HOSP 456, 2 Credits)
Explores revenue management in hotel industry, including marketplace intelligence, forecasting, pricing, and revenue optimization techniques.

HOSPITALITY AND TOURISM MANAGEMENT 490: Strategic Management in Hospitality and Tourism (HOSP 490, 3 Credits)
Examines problems and issues of strategic planning in hospitality and tourism businesses, including methods, techniques, and models used to identify strategic issues and generate future-oriented action plans to implement change.